Sunday, July 7, 2019

Solar Eclipse

We left in the morning towards Colonia del Sacramento, where the eclipse would be best seen in Uruguay. I had been waiting for this event for a long time and I was very excited that it was going to be visible from this distant side of the world. From early on, the sky was already cloudy but I was hoping it would clear up later, even for a moment. We arrived starving, went for some pizzas for lunch, and walked the beautiful old streets of Colonia del Sacramento. At 4pm we went to the chosen location to photograph. There were already some colleagues with their tripods and the people of the place were approaching, despite the cold and the wind, to witness this celestial event.
But the hour was approaching and the sky was completely covered with clouds. I took other pictures to kill the wait and not return home with an empty camera.

Suddenly, when the sun and the moon were already together near the horizon, they let themselves be seen. To say that it was magical is to underestimate what that moment gave us. The sky turned completely orange, the light of eclipse reached us with all its brightness and everyone began to applaud effusively the reward that the Universe seemed to be giving us for waiting in hope. The wind was moving my tripod, which is quite firm, so I took the camera in my hand. It was only a couple of minutes before the sun and moon continued their way below the horizon, which awoke another farewell and gratitude applause.
I am so grateful to the Universe for having been able to witness this magical moment, and I will keep it in my heart forever. 

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