Saturday, December 29, 2018

My Store

I've been doing photography for some years now. I have always been attracted to nature and fine art. Some time ago I decided to open my stores in Society6 and RedBubble and sell my photography as prints and products.
It felt weird at first but as I was adding more designs I became very excited to see the results and creatively made me explore other ways of creating images, thinking how they would look in the products that I would like to have myself. I am very happy to continue creating images that I feel very close to my heart and share them with the world. 
Here are some of the designs that I love the most and personally use. I hope you love them too. 
Love and light,


Pink Hydrangea iPhone Case

Lilium Coffee Mug

 Pine Cone Carry-All Pouch
Pinecone Carry-All Pouch

Wild Mushrooms Framed Art Print

Pine Branch Travel Mug

Palm II Laptop & iPad Skin

Blueberries Coaster

Green Light Wood Wall Art

Pine Needles Backpack

Pine Needles II Tote Bag