Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

I took three planes to get there: Montevideo-Lima / Lima-Cali / Cali-Cartagena. After a long wait at the Cali airport for a late flight, I arrived at Cartagena de Indias at night, exhausted. But even though it was late and the city was getting ready to go to sleep, that joyful and festive vibration that characterizes the Caribbean towns remained in the air. As always when I set a new destination, the tiredness of the flight hours vanished immediately. It remains for me one of the best sensations in the world: the first embrace of a new destiny. I smiled and felt the gratitude: a new country on the list. I was embraced by the heat and humidity that remained throughout my stay. I had taken a coat, just in case, but I never needed it.

My hostel was near Getsemaní, the walled city, which I fell in love with. Ancient buildings in stone, interacting with colorful houses, balconies full of flowers, street vendors and beautiful women dressed in traditional costumes.
Day after day I returned to Getsemaní for more pictures. To cross the great entrance under the Clock Tower is to enter a universe impregnated with history and popular traditions that make you want to walk again and again.

¡Gracias, Colombia!